Tips on how to buy real jewellery

Recently, many consumers have reflected the trap of jewelry consumption. There are many shoddy and fake jewelry in the market. Fujian industry and Commerce Bureau reminds consumers that the jewellery market is mixed up.

Fujian industry and Commerce Bureau related experts remind that the purchase of precious goods such as jewelry and jewellery should be best bought in the big credit store and jewelry store, and keep in mind the quality certification of the products. Generally speaking, jewelry stores of large jewelry stores are strictly tested and have corresponding certificates. The identification certificate with the name of the jewelry, quality grade, color, cleanliness, quality and other items is the “identity card” of the jewelry.

If domestic consumers want to buy diamond jewelry, there is no need to go far. From abroad to buy jewelry to return home, even after testing center detection found to be fake, it is very difficult to protect the rights through the law. Some overseas businesses are deceived by legal loopholes and are marked with Chinese and English on the invoice, and the name of the diamond is in fact the English name of the manufacturer. It’s hard for consumers who don’t know English to understand that they are easily fooled.

Miss World Jewellery Contest

In the event, Mr. Yang Shaowu, President of the Shenzhen gold jewellery industry association, posted great hopes on the formal start of the competition and the future of the competition. He said that the world jewellery competition has a high influence and industry reputation in the Chinese jewelry industry. The event has not only enriched the gold jewelry head. The content of the ornament industry culture also creates a new pattern of the traditional jewelry industry in the business exchange of enterprises and the promotion of brand communication. It has formed the special trade and trade culture of gold jewellery. The 2016 world jewellery competition is held when the industry environment is cold. It is not only a single active market, but also the whole line. A boost to the confidence of the industry.

In addition, the 2016 “Yao China” jewelry design competition was launched on the same day. The “Yao China” jewelry and jewelry creative design competition is a design event to carry forward Chinese culture and transmit design value. The competition is an important part of the world’s finals of Miss jewellery (China). The competition is divided into three major groups of gold, mosaic and jade carving, which will invite the leading designers of famous domestic jewelry enterprises to participate. The committee is composed of artists, fashion circles, industry experts and famous jewelry designers at home and abroad by the organizing committee.

According to the introduction, the aim of this competition is to promote the overall development of China’s jewelry design industry and realize the industrial transformation and upgrading as the goal, in order to establish the status of Shenzhen’s jewelry creative design center in China and the world, and to create a good cultural atmosphere for original jewelry design.

Advanced tailor made jewellery

I believe that many jewelry lovers will not be familiar with the term “advanced customization”. How did the stars of the stars shine brilliance? Let’s introduce you to your parents today.

More and more jewelry fans are interested in customizing jewelry. Private customization is a new style of jewelry industry in recent years. It is required to be very professional. Today, we will show you the whole process of production and production of advanced jewellery, and bring you the story behind the private jewelry.

Jewelry customization is inseparable from design, and there are two sources of design creativity. The first is the originality of interior designers, and the second is the exclusive design according to customer needs. Jewelry design is not only a concept map, but also a process and cost plan. Single custom customers are often not experts. They need to communicate with professionals in order to identify feasible solutions. In fact, jewelry design is a process of compromise between creativity, shape, material, technology and cost.

Chinese Jewellery exhibition is more and more international

A few days ago, the “2014 China jewelry industry consumption data release and 2015 China Jewelry Industry Development Summit Forum” was held in Shenzhen. Jewelry retailer elites from all over the country, jewelry brand manufacturers, leaders of various provinces and cities, and dozens of well-known marketing experts from home and abroad participated in the summit. The rest of the jewelry gathering in this great event has not yet dissipated, and the new craze will come again. From May 6, 2015 to May 10th, the 5 day Shanghai International Jewellery Fair will be opened at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall.

It is reported that the jewelry exhibition is jointly organized by many authoritative institutions, such as the Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, the Ministry of land and resources, and the jewelry and jade jewelry management center. This exhibition not only set up the 3 exhibition hall on the basis of the original exhibition of last year’s exhibition, which makes the exhibition area up to 60000 square meters, attracting more exhibitors to enter, and actively expanding the international field. According to official sources, 1300 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The scale of the site, the total number of exhibitors and international exhibitors are among the most recent. This makes the jewellery exhibition a great deal.

In the already announced international booth, Chalk brothers will carry his hi-tech booth, 3D I love cloud platform, to the exhibition. Bao Yi jewellery will also present the PASD, which has been accredited by the South African government, the South African Embassy in China and the Consul General of South Africa in Shanghai. Kel schweil Paul Wilde, Germany, is also not to be outdone. It will take the internationally recognized collection of colored gem jewelry. These excellent products from the international jewellery market have made this exhibition connect with overseas and show the international demeanor. This event has undoubtedly set up a platform for domestic jewelry manufacturers to exchange and study with the outside world, and also injected the most fresh blood for the domestic jewelry market.

Focus on Shanghai International Jewellery Fair

Not long ago, a naked diamond found in South Africa attracted the attention of the world’s new rich. In China, every year of the May Day holiday, the marriage season will be welcomed. In addition to the bright bridegroom and bride, all kinds of jewellery and jewellery become the indispensable protagonist, which brings endless talk to those smiling guests and greet guests. In May this year, it was just as wonderful. The Shanghai International Jewellery Fair, which is attracting much attention, is about to open.

The 2015 Shanghai international jewelry exhibition, which is co sponsored by the Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, the jewelry and jade jewelry management center of the Ministry of land and resources, will be held in the Expo exhibition hall of Shanghai from May 6, 2015 to May 10th. The exhibition will greet four guests with 60000 square meters exhibition area and no less than 2700 booths, bringing them a visual feast.

It is reported that at this exhibition, Huachang jewelry will follow the traditional Chinese aesthetics and bring the gold mosaic jade under the traditional techniques to the exhibition site. This is the first appearance of the core technology “Jinxiangyu gold and silver technology” after being selected as a national intangible cultural heritage list. The Beijing Institute of higher education for jewellery (National Jewelry Training Center) “jewellery public lecture hall” will also enter the exhibition, offering a public lecture on jewellery, offering a variety of appreciation courses for the participants in color, diamonds, organic jewels, and so on. In addition, the exhibition will also be launched with creative jewelry. Exhibitors can experience the whole process of jewelry production. The highlights of these exhibitions will undoubtedly attract many jewellery lovers to watch and play.

Shanghai International Jewellery Exhibition

The Asian diamond world pioneer Kimberley diamond brings the “moon goddess” to Basel’s national watch exhibition. 25.05 carat main drills, very white color (D), free (LC), perfect work (3EX), with 1877 beautiful drills, a total of 108.123 carats, to show the luxury and noble of the diamond. In addition to this, Kimberley will also carry out the “our story” series of architectural, calligraphy and shadow play three to accumulate the Chinese elements of diamond exhibits, and deduce the soul of Chinese civilization. There are more collections of products to help you stand. Hundreds of luxury diamond exhibits will definitely give you a rewarding trip.

In recent years, the color treasure market is undoubtedly the black horse of the jewelry market. In this exhibition, this exhibition also invited the big cafes in color treasure, including water shellfish, Fan Yu, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Korea, Thailand and Hongkong. The German Paul Wilder company CEO Marcus has brought the fine quality of their mine, the elegant Parra Iba, the beloved Ethel bioper, the jewel God “African garnet” and the various character stones will touch your chord.

The honored brand Huachang jewelry has also been invited to participate in the exhibition, showing its core skill “Jinxiangyu gold and silver craft” after being selected as the national debut. In addition to its traditional aesthetic essence, Huachang is also integrated into multiple ideas, combining the design strength of the two sides, absorbing the essence of Chinese culture and introducing the first “vivid” first money. This series combines the essence of eastern and Western art to create perfume accessories creatively. Hua Chang was also invited to enter Tmall, competing with the world’s first jewellery brands. All the sparks before the eruption of tradition and modernity present endless Chinese wind.

What needs to be paid attention to when buying jewellery?

Some dealers have not obtained the license of brand distribution, counterfeit the registered trademarks of others, or impersonate high grade jewel jade with low-grade jewels and jade, or make false propaganda of commodity origin; or unstandard signs, misleading consumers through some false names and the lack of purity and measurement of precious metal products and after-sales service. No word commitment, problems can not be realized when problems. Recently, Taiyuan industry and Commerce Bureau, Taiyuan Consumer Association, Taiyuan gold jewellery industry association reminded the majority of consumers to choose and buy gold jewelry and jade ornaments to do “five hearts”.

When buying jewelry, it is best to choose large and comprehensive stores and brand stores with lasting reputation and quality assurance. These enterprises usually have reliable quality assurance and provide good after-sales service. Try not to buy jewelry at tourist spots and tourist shops at home and abroad.

When checking out, we must ask the dealer to ask for a regular invoice or to sell a small ticket. The contents of the bill should be in accordance with the important items such as the name, weight and price of the label of jewelry.

In the purchase of diamonds, jadeite and other jewelry products, we must ask for the certificate of appraisal issued by the quality inspection institution with legal qualification, and see if there is a CMA sign on the certificate. This is the sign of the measurement certification of the inspection organization, and the institution with this symbol is the legal inspection institution.

There are rare jewellery repair shops

As one of the most important luxury brands in China, Shanghai has brought together nearly 90% of the world’s luxury brands, including the top luxury brands such as Harry Winsto, Patek Philippe and Hermes. Whether in fashion circles, local circles or white-collar circles, you can buy luxury items such as jewellery, watches, bags and so on in Shanghai. However, on the day when something good was damaged, especially in recent years, news of luxury quality failed. Then, if you have purchased a luxury item, you need to repair it, but you have passed the warranty period. Do you know where it can be repaired?

In fact, as far as the national scope is concerned, not only is the front cities on the north and the north, but many provincial capital cities will have several wrist watch repair shops and leather goods maintenance stores, and whether these repair shops have corresponding maintenance technology, at least there are some shops. But when it comes to the luxury jewelry store, it may be found all over the country, except for some jewelry brands, and only a few are found, such as the temple and the goldsmiths.

First, say the temple. Temple library was established in July 2008, and now it should be considered as a relatively successful luxury shopping website in China. But at the beginning, temple library was not a professional shopping website, but a second-hand luxury selling platform. Today’s Temple store mainly sells leather goods, watches, jewelry and other conventional luxury goods, and has three kinds of products after-sales maintenance center. However, from the official website of temple library, its main maintenance direction is mainly watches and leather goods, and jewelry maintenance accounts for a small proportion.

Jewellery has not sold well during the past years

To explore the backdrop behind the slump in the platinum jewelry market, the report analysis said that the decline in the platinum market was affected by the overall downturn in the jewelry market. On the one hand, China’s economic growth continued to slow in 2016, the GDP growth rate was only 6.7%, the actual growth of per capita disposable income in the country was lower than the GDP growth rate, only 6.3%, coupled with constant housing prices. The rise has made consumers no longer free to buy high priced goods, while the devaluation of the renminbi has increased concerns about inflation, which in turn prompted consumers to pursue more inflationary investments.

Consumers’ consumption habits are also changing, and experiential consumption habits have gradually formed. Platinum and other precious jewels are faced with the huge challenge of health, intelligent wearable equipment and tourism and entertainment at the same time, and the platinum jewelry consumption space is further squeezed in the face of the competition of the traditional luxury goods such as accessories and shoes.

Consumer demand for jewellery is also changing. Consumers’ purchase of jewellery no longer pursues the value of high purity but more emphasis on the design of style and the emotional connection behind it, and the lack of popular jewelry is no longer able to meet the needs of consumers.