Shanghai International Jewellery Exhibition

The Asian diamond world pioneer Kimberley diamond brings the “moon goddess” to Basel’s national watch exhibition. 25.05 carat main drills, very white color (D), free (LC), perfect work (3EX), with 1877 beautiful drills, a total of 108.123 carats, to show the luxury and noble of the diamond. In addition to this, Kimberley will also carry out the “our story” series of architectural, calligraphy and shadow play three to accumulate the Chinese elements of diamond exhibits, and deduce the soul of Chinese civilization. There are more collections of products to help you stand. Hundreds of luxury diamond exhibits will definitely give you a rewarding trip.

In recent years, the color treasure market is undoubtedly the black horse of the jewelry market. In this exhibition, this exhibition also invited the big cafes in color treasure, including water shellfish, Fan Yu, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Korea, Thailand and Hongkong. The German Paul Wilder company CEO Marcus has brought the fine quality of their mine, the elegant Parra Iba, the beloved Ethel bioper, the jewel God “African garnet” and the various character stones will touch your chord.

The honored brand Huachang jewelry has also been invited to participate in the exhibition, showing its core skill “Jinxiangyu gold and silver craft” after being selected as the national debut. In addition to its traditional aesthetic essence, Huachang is also integrated into multiple ideas, combining the design strength of the two sides, absorbing the essence of Chinese culture and introducing the first “vivid” first money. This series combines the essence of eastern and Western art to create perfume accessories creatively. Hua Chang was also invited to enter Tmall, competing with the world’s first jewellery brands. All the sparks before the eruption of tradition and modernity present endless Chinese wind.

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