Tips on how to buy real jewellery

Recently, many consumers have reflected the trap of jewelry consumption. There are many shoddy and fake jewelry in the market. Fujian industry and Commerce Bureau reminds consumers that the jewellery market is mixed up.

Fujian industry and Commerce Bureau related experts remind that the purchase of precious goods such as jewelry and jewellery should be best bought in the big credit store and jewelry store, and keep in mind the quality certification of the products. Generally speaking, jewelry stores of large jewelry stores are strictly tested and have corresponding certificates. The identification certificate with the name of the jewelry, quality grade, color, cleanliness, quality and other items is the “identity card” of the jewelry.

If domestic consumers want to buy diamond jewelry, there is no need to go far. From abroad to buy jewelry to return home, even after testing center detection found to be fake, it is very difficult to protect the rights through the law. Some overseas businesses are deceived by legal loopholes and are marked with Chinese and English on the invoice, and the name of the diamond is in fact the English name of the manufacturer. It’s hard for consumers who don’t know English to understand that they are easily fooled.

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