There are rare jewellery repair shops

As one of the most important luxury brands in China, Shanghai has brought together nearly 90% of the world’s luxury brands, including the top luxury brands such as Harry Winsto, Patek Philippe and Hermes. Whether in fashion circles, local circles or white-collar circles, you can buy luxury items such as jewellery, watches, bags and so on in Shanghai. However, on the day when something good was damaged, especially in recent years, news of luxury quality failed. Then, if you have purchased a luxury item, you need to repair it, but you have passed the warranty period. Do you know where it can be repaired?

In fact, as far as the national scope is concerned, not only is the front cities on the north and the north, but many provincial capital cities will have several wrist watch repair shops and leather goods maintenance stores, and whether these repair shops have corresponding maintenance technology, at least there are some shops. But when it comes to the luxury jewelry store, it may be found all over the country, except for some jewelry brands, and only a few are found, such as the temple and the goldsmiths.

First, say the temple. Temple library was established in July 2008, and now it should be considered as a relatively successful luxury shopping website in China. But at the beginning, temple library was not a professional shopping website, but a second-hand luxury selling platform. Today’s Temple store mainly sells leather goods, watches, jewelry and other conventional luxury goods, and has three kinds of products after-sales maintenance center. However, from the official website of temple library, its main maintenance direction is mainly watches and leather goods, and jewelry maintenance accounts for a small proportion.