What needs to be paid attention to when buying jewellery?

Some dealers have not obtained the license of brand distribution, counterfeit the registered trademarks of others, or impersonate high grade jewel jade with low-grade jewels and jade, or make false propaganda of commodity origin; or unstandard signs, misleading consumers through some false names and the lack of purity and measurement of precious metal products and after-sales service. No word commitment, problems can not be realized when problems. Recently, Taiyuan industry and Commerce Bureau, Taiyuan Consumer Association, Taiyuan gold jewellery industry association reminded the majority of consumers to choose and buy gold jewelry and jade ornaments to do “five hearts”.

When buying jewelry, it is best to choose large and comprehensive stores and brand stores with lasting reputation and quality assurance. These enterprises usually have reliable quality assurance and provide good after-sales service. Try not to buy jewelry at tourist spots and tourist shops at home and abroad.

When checking out, we must ask the dealer to ask for a regular invoice or to sell a small ticket. The contents of the bill should be in accordance with the important items such as the name, weight and price of the label of jewelry.

In the purchase of diamonds, jadeite and other jewelry products, we must ask for the certificate of appraisal issued by the quality inspection institution with legal qualification, and see if there is a CMA sign on the certificate. This is the sign of the measurement certification of the inspection organization, and the institution with this symbol is the legal inspection institution.