Focus on Shanghai International Jewellery Fair

Not long ago, a naked diamond found in South Africa attracted the attention of the world’s new rich. In China, every year of the May Day holiday, the marriage season will be welcomed. In addition to the bright bridegroom and bride, all kinds of jewellery and jewellery become the indispensable protagonist, which brings endless talk to those smiling guests and greet guests. In May this year, it was just as wonderful. The Shanghai International Jewellery Fair, which is attracting much attention, is about to open.

The 2015 Shanghai international jewelry exhibition, which is co sponsored by the Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, the jewelry and jade jewelry management center of the Ministry of land and resources, will be held in the Expo exhibition hall of Shanghai from May 6, 2015 to May 10th. The exhibition will greet four guests with 60000 square meters exhibition area and no less than 2700 booths, bringing them a visual feast.

It is reported that at this exhibition, Huachang jewelry will follow the traditional Chinese aesthetics and bring the gold mosaic jade under the traditional techniques to the exhibition site. This is the first appearance of the core technology “Jinxiangyu gold and silver technology” after being selected as a national intangible cultural heritage list. The Beijing Institute of higher education for jewellery (National Jewelry Training Center) “jewellery public lecture hall” will also enter the exhibition, offering a public lecture on jewellery, offering a variety of appreciation courses for the participants in color, diamonds, organic jewels, and so on. In addition, the exhibition will also be launched with creative jewelry. Exhibitors can experience the whole process of jewelry production. The highlights of these exhibitions will undoubtedly attract many jewellery lovers to watch and play.