Chinese Jewellery exhibition is more and more international

A few days ago, the “2014 China jewelry industry consumption data release and 2015 China Jewelry Industry Development Summit Forum” was held in Shenzhen. Jewelry retailer elites from all over the country, jewelry brand manufacturers, leaders of various provinces and cities, and dozens of well-known marketing experts from home and abroad participated in the summit. The rest of the jewelry gathering in this great event has not yet dissipated, and the new craze will come again. From May 6, 2015 to May 10th, the 5 day Shanghai International Jewellery Fair will be opened at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall.

It is reported that the jewelry exhibition is jointly organized by many authoritative institutions, such as the Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, the Ministry of land and resources, and the jewelry and jade jewelry management center. This exhibition not only set up the 3 exhibition hall on the basis of the original exhibition of last year’s exhibition, which makes the exhibition area up to 60000 square meters, attracting more exhibitors to enter, and actively expanding the international field. According to official sources, 1300 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The scale of the site, the total number of exhibitors and international exhibitors are among the most recent. This makes the jewellery exhibition a great deal.

In the already announced international booth, Chalk brothers will carry his hi-tech booth, 3D I love cloud platform, to the exhibition. Bao Yi jewellery will also present the PASD, which has been accredited by the South African government, the South African Embassy in China and the Consul General of South Africa in Shanghai. Kel schweil Paul Wilde, Germany, is also not to be outdone. It will take the internationally recognized collection of colored gem jewelry. These excellent products from the international jewellery market have made this exhibition connect with overseas and show the international demeanor. This event has undoubtedly set up a platform for domestic jewelry manufacturers to exchange and study with the outside world, and also injected the most fresh blood for the domestic jewelry market.