Miss World Jewellery Contest

In the event, Mr. Yang Shaowu, President of the Shenzhen gold jewellery industry association, posted great hopes on the formal start of the competition and the future of the competition. He said that the world jewellery competition has a high influence and industry reputation in the Chinese jewelry industry. The event has not only enriched the gold jewelry head. The content of the ornament industry culture also creates a new pattern of the traditional jewelry industry in the business exchange of enterprises and the promotion of brand communication. It has formed the special trade and trade culture of gold jewellery. The 2016 world jewellery competition is held when the industry environment is cold. It is not only a single active market, but also the whole line. A boost to the confidence of the industry.

In addition, the 2016 “Yao China” jewelry design competition was launched on the same day. The “Yao China” jewelry and jewelry creative design competition is a design event to carry forward Chinese culture and transmit design value. The competition is an important part of the world’s finals of Miss jewellery (China). The competition is divided into three major groups of gold, mosaic and jade carving, which will invite the leading designers of famous domestic jewelry enterprises to participate. The committee is composed of artists, fashion circles, industry experts and famous jewelry designers at home and abroad by the organizing committee.

According to the introduction, the aim of this competition is to promote the overall development of China’s jewelry design industry and realize the industrial transformation and upgrading as the goal, in order to establish the status of Shenzhen’s jewelry creative design center in China and the world, and to create a good cultural atmosphere for original jewelry design.